XITE: The XML Intelligent Transform Engine


What is XITE?








  To run ANY of the examples:
  1. Change to the subdirectory for any example. For example: For MS Windows OS: cd .\examples\hello_world For UNIX, Linux, etc.: cd ./examples/hello_world
  2. Run the "setpath" script found in that subdirectory: For MS Windows OS: setpath For UNIX, Linux, etc.: source setpath.sh Each example subdirectory contains a README.txt file that describes that particular example. The primary tool used in the examples is the com.sphere.xite.Transform program. The com.sphere.xite.Transform program is a command-line tool for using XITELite(tm) rules to transform XML content. Source code for the Transform command-line tool is provided in XITE(tm) and XITELite(tm) in the file ./src/com/sphere/xite/Transform.java. The included examples are:
  3. examples/helloworld A simple message filtering example. This example demonstrates adding nodes and attributes via rules.
  4. examples/stocks Transform XML stock info to include BUY/SELL/HOLD orders. This example demonstrates adding nodes and attributes via rules and using Java calls from XITE(tm). * examples/HIPAA Transform XML-encoded healthcare records via HIPAA compliance rules based on user roles and data semantics.
  5. examples/DataSecurity Filtering XML data via a simple role-based access model using JavaBeans, default rules, and exception rules. There are additional examples using XITE(tm) within servlets (XiteServlet), filters (XiteFilter), and a XITE(tm) JSP custom tag library (XiteTags) available at http://www.sphere.com/ (Sphere's home web site).